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The Benefits of Airless Paint Spraying

In the right hands, airless paint spraying can be the fastest and most versatile way to get the professional painting results you need.

Many people think of paint spraying as a recent trend, but anyone who has ever seen cave art made in the stone-age may well have seen an early form of paint spraying, it’s been around even longer than paint brushes.

However, we’ve come a long way from the hollow reeds and pigments of those primitive times, and we no longer use our mouths as the delivery system. What we use instead is a state of the art power tool which uses a pump system to deliver paint evenly and steadily to the paint tip which is then applied to the surface.

What is an Airless Paint Sprayer?

The tool itself is the air sprayer, just like paint brushes and rollers, there are a wide range of different makes and models on the market. Also just like paint brushes and rollers, there are airless paint sprayers aimed at DIY home decorators all the way up to high quality professional models.

The one thing most have in common is the use of high pressure pneumatics, electricity or gas to transfer paint in a mist, evenly on to the work surface for a beautiful, even and highly durable finish.

How does Airless Paint Spraying work?

The airless paint sprayer works by using high pressures to force paint through a spray nozzle, this atomises the droplets of paint to ensure an evenly coated surface, ideal for large areas when compared to conventional brushes or rollers and ideal for a perfect, flawless finish in professional hands.

Using an airless paint sprayer is up to 10X faster than painting with a brush and as much as 4X faster than a roller.

However, it is easy to be misled by the wealth of videos you might see on social media. They may show you a wall painted effortlessly in less than a minute. What they might not show you is the diligent preparation that is essential to get to that point!

Preparation is still vital

Just the same as conventional painting, taking pride in your preparation will go a long way towards delivering a final finish that you can be just as proud of.

That means masking off windows, doors and trims with high quality painter’s masking tape, moving furniture into the centre of the room to be covered safely and carefully removing or masking off switches and sockets.

Flooring should also be covered thoroughly to protect from paint and any damage or imperfections dealt with on walls and other surfaces to be sprayed.

The paint you use is also important when air spraying, some may need to be thinned slightly and if you are in any doubt whether your chosen colour or brand can be sprayed, consult a professional.

When is Airless Paint Spraying right for you?

For external jobs with a short weather window, airless paint spraying can be ideal. It is also a versatile method of painting, suitable for a wide range of coatings and a broad range of different jobs both internally and externally.

Airless paint spraying systems are also easily transported around a site with minimal disruption to homeowners and businesses.

If you would like to learn more about our Airless Paint Spraying services in Herefordshire, or for a free quote and consultation, get in touch today!


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