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Using Wallpaper to Transform a Space

Wallpaper has made a popular comeback in recent years, with interior designers dreaming up new creative ideas on a daily basis, to transform interior spaces and breathe new life into what was becoming a tired aspect of interior decorating.

It certainly isn’t anymore, but wallpaper is still essential to get right. Taking the time to do so can achieve any or all of the following!

Opening up a space

There’s no easier way to give a room a sense of spacious freedom than wallpaper. Colours at the lighter end of the spectrum, combined with simple shapes and silhouettes can make small areas seem larger and large areas feel expansive!

Paint can do the same, but it doesn’t have the spatial component that uses depth, geometry and the perspective of wallpaper to powerful effect.

Closing down for intimacy

The opposite effect is just as simple, with the right wallpaper.

Often rooms can seem too spacious. Bolder, heavier patterns with limited negative space and darker colours can often combine to craft a feeling of tighter, more intimate cosiness in rooms that feel a little too open.

Making a statement!

Statement walls are always a popular wallpaper design choice, making one wall stand out from the rest in style.

This is a great idea for those with a sense of adventure, it might feel like a brave move but with a single statement wall you can get away with it and the results can be incredible.

How do you choose your statement wall? Here are some tips:

  • Ask yourself if there’s a side of the room that feels boring

  • Identify any loved pieces of furniture that you want to draw attention to

  • If you’re finding it hard to decide, think about some popular statement wall choices such as:

  • In the bedroom, behind the head of your bed

  • Behind a TV or gaming system in your lounge area

  • The fireplace or chimney breast

  • The first wall you see when entering a room or hallway

  • Why limit yourself to a wall, how about a statement ceiling..?

Make bathrooms less boring

The days when bathrooms were simply white, white and more white are thankfully over.

Today’s bathroom is the heart of the home and as much a space for sanctuary as function.

Design styles for bathrooms range from elemental, to botanical and industrial and there is always a wallpaper to match in terms of style, colour and texture.

Taking it ‘off the wall’

If you’ve found a design you love, but don’t feel too sure about or if you are replacing a beloved but tired older style, there are still clever ways to enjoy it.

Think about decorating your drawers with a secret pattern only you know about, or back your bookcase and cabinetry with that design you love (just not as a wall covering.) You can even use off cuts and free samples as wall art by framing them to elevate a wall, without actually committing to a full coverage of wallpaper.

If you’d like to learn more about wallpapering as an art, not simply a trade then I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch for a quote, consultation or help and advice.


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